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Neonatal Hearing Screening Program- at GTB Hospital and University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi- This project is at an advanced stage of discussions. Project will involve a technician visiting the maternity unit of this tertiary referral centre every day and screening babies born in the last 24 hours with a screening hand-held oto-acoustic emission meter. Children who fail this test will be retested in 1 month. If they still fail the test, Auditory Brain Response Audiometry will be performed. Deaf children will be picked up by the 2nd month of age and hearing aid fitted to these children. Their speech can then develop normally because the first 4 years of age are very crucial for speech development. If the child is hearing (with hearing aid), he will develop reasonable speech. The disability can then be reduced to a minimum and the child will be integrated into normal society and will be able to lead an independent life.

Neonatal Hearing Screening Program Mumbai
- as above but discussions are at an early stage at the moment.

Surgical work on hearing impaired at Apollo Hospital, Bangalore
- Advanced stage discussions are underway for Dr Prad Murthy, Consultant ENT Surgeon at North Manchester General Hospital to hold hearing camps in association with Naseema Hearing Institute, Bangalore and to conduct surgeries on poor children at Apollo Hospital Bangalore.

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