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Some children were found suitable for cochlear implantation during the camp. Andhra Pradesh State Government funds children from families under poverty line and requiring cochlear implantation through its program Arogya Shree. Dr Sinha met Dr E.C.Vinay Kumar, Consultant ENT Surgeon at Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad who is responsible for providing surgery and rehabilitative support for referred cases for cochlear implants under Arogya Shree program. This meeting will facilitate the referral of cases from Kakinada to Hyderabad where main operative work is carried out. Discussions also centered round establishing a rehabilitation centre in Kakinada at New Modern Ear Aids premises, a recently opened well equipped Audiology lab. Such a centre can provide the follow up programming and speech therapy to such children. Dr Sinha also had detailed discussions about the future of such projects with Dr T.V.Krishna Rao, a national figure in Otolaryngology who advocated deafness as a national priority. A meeting was also held with Mr. Sampad Gadira, President of Mahaveer Jain Hospital in Bangalore to initiate a program for children requiring ear surgery.

For the children requiring cochlear implantation in Karnataka, no program comparable to Arogya Shree exists. Dr Sinha had a meeting with Dr Sunil Dutt, Consultant ENT Surgeon at Apollo Hospital, Bangalore who heads one of the most well equipped ENT/Cochlear implant unit nationally. Dr Sunil Dutt, a figure well known is also involved with Society to Aid Hearing Impaired (SAHI) project. This project supports the patients suitable for cochlear implantation with provision of partial charitable funding. Rest of the finance is either paid by the parents or the parents are directed to secure corporate funding for their child’s operation. Some of the children seen in Karnataka will be put on the waiting list with SAHI. Dr E.C.Vinay Kumar at Hyderabad and his team is also involved with SAHI. Some children in Andhra Pradesh who require cochlear implantation but do not fall under the eligibility criteria of Arogya Shree will also be directed to contact SAHI, Hyderabad.

A meeting was held between the trustees of IDEAL Society for the Deaf, a charity registered in India and Prof. Arun Aggarwal, Chief of the National Program for Prevention and Control of Deafness in New Delhi. Dr Sinha discussed in length how the Charity and Government can get involved in projects similar to ones done in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and also how Universal Hearing program may be carried out in Government Hospitals in Delhi.

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