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You may help IDEAL Charity with providing physical, financial or emotional help. Even a single penny will be spent with great care and will reach the needy.

One way to help can be by adopting a child i.e. you get introduced to a baby with hearing impairment and you will be able to fund not only a hearing aid for them but also take over an education programme for that child if you wish. We are looking forward to create a database of individuals who will be interested to provide such funds for hearing aids and education programs.

Another stream of people may wish to adopt a city/town /village of their choice. We will be willing to help to set up a neonatal hearing screening programme there. The main thrust of the programme will be on the vulnerable sections of society for e.g. the poor who can only afford to go to a government hospital for delivery of their baby.

  Dr. Narveshwar Sinha
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Call   : +44-7711278957
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