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The infrastructure for the events in Andhra Pradesh was provided by the Mr.S.P.Reddy of Uma Mano Vikasa Kendram in Kakinada, a non-profit voluntary organisation and by Dr Raghunath Pabbineedi of Dr Malireddi Venkatraju Memorial
Health and Education trust, Gollaprolu. The infrastructure and professionals for the event at Bangalore were provided by Mr. Zulfiqar Ali of Naseema Institute for Hearing Handicapped. The events were supported by highly trained audiologist and speech therapists, Raja Pandian in Andhra Pradesh and Mr. Sundaresan in Bangalore. Dr Bhimeshwar Rao, Assistant Professor in ENT at Kakinada Medical College also carried out clinical work with Dr Sinha in Andhra Pradesh. The program was jointly organized with Joining Hands Charity of UK. Dr Pabbineedi from Joining hands carried out simultaneous work providing aids and appliances to the amputees and polio patients.

Children were pre-screened by the local organisations. Over 100 children with severe to profound hearing impairment were selected. The diagnosis was supported by clinical examination, pure tone audiometry and tympanometry. Almost half of the children had oto-acoustic emissions and brain stem evoked response audiometry during the event and the rest are expected to complete the tests in the next few weeks. Most of these children were not using any hearing aids, a small number were using very basic body worn hearing aids and almost none were using a BTE hearing aid. Behind the Ear Digital hearing aids for severe to profound hearing impairment will be provided to these children by IDEAL Charity. Following soft silicone mould preparation and fitting of the hearing aids, these children will receive speech therapy for few weeks with finances originating from IDEAL Charity.

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